From photography to the venue to decorations to the planning process... your experience as an engaged couple planning your big day should be surrounded by resources to help you along the way! (Unintentional rhyming... we're off to a good start!) The Wedding Workshop's goal was to do just that. To be a resource of community and encouragement for couples either planning or about to plan their wedding day. The focus isn't on us and our services. It's about YOU.

When Celia Duncan, owner of Unions with Celia here in Springfield, approached me with the opportunity to participate in this experience last month, I was all about it! Your wedding is your day and it should happen your way. It's a day that means much more than the exchanging of rings and a big kiss! It represents a story. How can I bring my style into my wedding day? What do I look for in a wedding photographer? Where do I start with planning a wedding? What role do my guests and vendors play in this journey? These are questions we aimed to answer.

Let's take a look back at some photos, speakers, highlights, and tips from the workshop!


Thank you Eurasia Cafe for the lovely space!


Some detail shots and business cards of the speakers that I'll introduce a few images down! 


Chatting with the guests! (You may notice there aren't any pictures of me. This girl was behind the camera!)


Celia duncan

Owner of unions with celia / wedding planner

Celia was the creator of this workshop, and we were THRILLED to get on board with her vision to bring community and resources for learning to the planning process! Weddings can so often become a people-pleasing process and at the end of the day, what you don't want to feel is stressed out, misrepresented, and regretful of decisions. Celia focused on *values-based wedding planning.* Your wedding day should reflect your values as a couple. It's the key to telling your unique story!


Stevie Rozean

Owner of Stevie Rozean co. / illustration, lettering, and design

Stevie shared some awesome tips on how to bring your style into your wedding day and what that looks like from person to person! What kind of style do you like when it comes to outfits? How about home decor and stores you like? Take pieces and ideas from each and bring them into the design for your wedding day, whether it be a color scheme, fabrics, or textures. Reflecting your true self is SO important in having an authentic planning process that you'll look back on and love- even if it looks different than "that girl's" wedding on Pinterest!


Lacy Stewart

Owner of the co-op venue at the Stewart settlement / venue

Being the owner of a wedding venue, Lacy is all about cultivating community and authenticity not just on your wedding day, but throughout the whole journey. Surround yourself with guests and vendors who will be sources of encouragement through the whole process! You're not on your own. Check out the Stewart Settlement website to read more about their amazing story!


Kyndal Hawkins

Hey, that's me! I'm the owner of inner images photography, but if you're reading this you probably know that.

There's a lot I could say about photography on a wedding day, but finding a photographer that connects with you from engagement, to the wedding day AND beyond is something I knew I needed to share at this workshop. Building a relationship with the photographer you hire will allow you to truly express your values and how you're feeling about the whole process! Now, I guess the photographer could just show up on the wedding day and take your pictures and that's it... but will they be able to accurately tell your story as a couple if they don't know you? Probably not. Find a photographer who becomes your friend!


Some wonderful people who stopped by to listen!


Guests grabbing some stunning flowers from the Ozark Mountain Flower Truck outside during the break!


Sad you missed this workshop? Leave a comment if you're interested in us doing another! ;)