Chelsea + Matt // Anniversary

I seriously adore Chelsea and Matt! They are a hot mess bundle of awesome. I'm pretty sure that's the most accurate description of any super amazing relationship. 

I met Chelsea through photography and let me tell you, she is one amazingly talented photographer/teacher. How she manages both blows my mind. The first time we met was at a coffee shop. We chatted for a couple hours, and I knew she was a keeper after that. It's been so awesome to see her grow and form into her own person through her passions. So thankful for your friendship, Chelsea!

I've done headshots for Chelsea a few times but hadn't met Matt yet. Let me tell you... They are a perfect match. When you can look at someone, crack up laughing, and embrace every part of who each other are, it's such a special thing! I adore you both. Thanks for letting me be a part of your anniversary.