Megan and Nolan are the kind of people that you become instant friends with the first time you meet them. They're up for anything including running out into the rain to take pictures or being freezing cold and wet during the sparkler exit. And they care about everyone so much, even on their wedding day when it's supposed to be about them entirely. Thank you for showing us all how to contra dance, for the amazing coffee, and for the new friendship. Love you both!

Read their love story below! It makes looking through the images so much better. Gosh, I love getting to know my couples.

“We met at a church in Alabama at orientation for Nehemiah Teams, a missions organization. Nolan came up to me and asked if I was the team leader for the Cambodia team, and went on to tell me that he had been to the same place in Cambodia the summer prior and that he was here to mentor my team. In Nolan’s words, he said that after he told me that, I just walked away from him. In reality, I was probably nervous because he was so cute. We spent the whole week together as he helped train me and my team. All of us had so much fun together and we were surprised how close the 6 of us got in just one week.

That week at orientation Nolan joked that he was Moses and I was Joshua and he was passing on the torch of leadership to me since I was the team leader for the summer. He wrote me a letter to read on the plane and I secretly hoped that he would leave me his number or something but he did not… until I got back from 2 months in Cambodia and Nolan did send me his number so that he could hear about my summer! After some calls, our conversations became about more than just Cambodia. I had a hard time adjusting to being back and he helped me through that.

We really enjoyed talking to each other but we were 9 hours apart. I drove 7 hours to meet him in Jackson, Tennessee where we left my car at Walmart and drove the rest of the way to Alabama. I spent the weekend with him and his sister and got to watch him play college football. We went to the Tennessee River that weekend and just walked around and talked (this is where he ended up proposing). After that weekend, I thought Nolan hated me because we kind of stopped talking when he decided he didn’t think he could do long distance. He broke my heart, but I also felt like the Lord kept telling me to “just wait”. Fast forward 3 years later, and I am living in Jackson, Tennessee (where we left my car 3 years before) going to nursing school.

I tweeted asking if anyone out there was still playing Trivia Crack and next thing I know Nolan starts a game against me. After several games and texting conversations later, Nolan lost our bet and owed me ice cream. He drove up to Jackson on a Sunday afternoon and we got ice cream, went to Walmart, and ate at a Mexican restaurant where a crazy lady spent our entire dinner telling us that we should get married. I was about to graduate and had already applied for jobs in North Carolina. After not hearing anything back about those jobs and several dates later and realizing I really like this guy and can see a future with him, I made the very bold decision to apply to hospitals closer to where he was. I applied online and within 45 minutes the manager had called me and offered me an interview. Everything with my job just fell into place so quickly and it was definitely a God thing. After I graduated, I moved to Alabama an hour away from where Nolan lived and the rest is history. ;)”


Looking for some vendors?!

Venue: Weathered Wisdom Barn

Flowers: Bloominous

Cake/Dessert: Patty Worthy with Cake Worthy

DJ/Band: Musicians Michael Fraser and Tenley Hansen

Hair: Liz Thompson - The Hair Company

Catering: Marty Embree - Food, Dave and Laura Percy - Coffee Bar

Wedding Dress: Modern Brides

Bridesmaids Dresses: Birdy Grey

Bride’s Shoes: David’s Bridal

Jewelry/Rings: Dillard’s; Engagement ring - Diamonds Direct, Bride’s wedding band - Kay Jewelers, Groom’s wedding band - Embr

Groom’s Suit and Shoes: Belk

Invitations and Programs: Vistaprint