Carly and Michael are getting married today and I couldn’t be happier for them! Their engagement session had a really meaningful and unique element to it which I’ll share more about below. I’ll also share more about their love story… keep an eye out for the wedding blog next week for that!

Carly posted some photos I took of her and Michael on Instagram a while back and paired it with the sweetest story about the engagement session in the caption. I couldn't help but tear up and smile by her words. Sometimes I question if I'm making an impact. If people want their story told or if they just want pretty pictures to post. I constantly question if I'm overstepping bounds by asking people to be vulnerable. But it's moments like these that make me realize how much I love telling stories. Pretty pictures are nice, but it's the emotion and the story behind a picture that makes you connect to it.

Carly writes… “Stories are really important to me, and Michael and I’s story is one of my very favorites. When we were taking out engagement pictures, our photographer, Kyndal, wanted to tell our story through our photos. She told us that she knew that it would be emotional, but that this was an important part of our story and she wanted to capture it. She told us to stand next to each other and then told us to slowly walk away from each other. This represented us being apart from each other for ten months, for most of our relationship. Then Kyndal told us, “On the count of three, I want you to run towards each other and show me how it feels and what it means to be back together.” A picture really is worth a thousand words. In just 16 days, I marry this man. I am so ready to be his wife. I’m going to spend all of my days loving him, knowing him, and serving the Lord and his people alongside him. It’s going to be the best adventure ever.”

Congratulations Carly and Michael! You two are amazing and I’m confident the world will be a better place with you in it together as a team. Let’s get you married!