Bride and Groom in front of barn

“Brad and I met September 28th, 2017, and we actually met through a mutual friend who has been friends with him since pretty much birth. We first met at her apartment and I couldn't stop staring. I thought he was super cute and I absolutely loved his little southern accent. When she first told me about Brad, I pictured a country boy with boots and a cowboy hat, but he was the exact opposite. Lol. I remember I left and actually made an excuse to go back to her apartment to see him again (because I am a creeper). He FINALLY asked for my number about 10 days later and we started talking! I was a little nervous at first because he was a southern (kinda country) boy and I am from New Jersey, aka not country at all. Lol. I just remember being nervous we wouldn't have anything in common, but turns out we had almost everything in common and we got along great from the very beginning! Our first date was spent in Springfield and we went to Springfield Brew Co, and I remember being so nervous because I didn't date often but conversation came so easily and he was a perfect gentleman. :) He paid and we went to Academy Sports to get a MSU sweatshirt for the homecoming game the next day. We walked around and talked about what kind of future we both wanted and they matched up pretty well and I remember being surprised. He taught me about guns and it was just so funny how much I didn't know. But it was a great night and we ended it watching Harry Potter and holding hands! Brad was too nervous to kiss me and he opted for the awkward side-hug. Haha! But it was cute and we still laugh about it to this day! After that weekend, I knew I definitely wanted to pursue that relationship, and here we are! We have had countless laughs together, have learned from each other, and are ready to start life together!”

Lindsey and Brad, I’ve loved getting to spend time with you both! From hair gel incidents ;) to snowy engagement sessions! Thank you for trusting my vision for your engagement and wedding and for letting me eat your cake ;) Love you both and all of your adorable Maui adventures!



“I would also say don't ask too many opinions, because ultimately the only one that matters is the bride + grooms! Try to have everything mostly done by the week of the wedding so you can RELAX and just have fun!”

- Lindsey


FLOWERS: Artistry in Bloom

VENUE: Mighty Oak Lodge

DJ: COMPLETE weddings

CATERING: A Taste of Andy's

CAKE: Blue Egg Bakery

HAIR+MAKEUP: Karma Hair Salon (Bridesmaids hair +Bridal makeup) + LooksbySophia (for Bridal hair)

Bridesmaids Dresses: Lulu's

WEDDING DRESS: Normans Bridal

Bride’s Shoes: Betsy Johnson


GROOMS SUIT: Karl's Tuxedo

Invitation: Vistaprint