“I'm a hopeless romantic for sure. I've always had such a strong desire to get married and have my love story... but I also had very specific prayers and desires for the man that I married. I went out on dates with other guys but never actually seriously dated anyone because it didn't feel right. I journaled for years and poured my heart out to God for the things I wanted in a man. My dramatic self thought "there's never going to be a guy out there like this!", but then I found Robert (and literally I FOUND him on Instagram lol). One day I was scrolling through Instagram and a friend had posted a picture of him and 2 other guys from a youth pastor's conference. One of the guys in the picture looked attractive so I did what any girl would do... stalked his feed. Then for some reason I followed him. He lived in Texas and I lived in Missouri so I thought nothing would happen with it. But he followed me back. Two weeks passed and this guy I followed messaged me. At the time I was in California visiting family and about to go to a church conference in the area. This guy and I started messaging back and forth and seemed to kind of "click". We found out that we were both going to the same conference in California that week so we decided to meet up for coffee there! To be honest, on our first date, I thought Robert was sweet but I was thrown off a little because of his "twang" (which I don't even notice anymore). I didn't know if I was interested or not! But he asked to go out for the lunch the next day too, and it was during that date that I thought, "Oh my gosh, I think I like this guy!". After the conference we went our different ways but Robert started calling me twice a week and we quickly figured out that we both were interested in each other. He drove from Texas to Missouri a month later to meet my family and see me! I was so nervous the first time he came out because I figured it would either be insanely awkward (since we barely knew each other) or super awesome. And it was super awesome! We became official and began visiting each other every 4-6 weeks. Long distance wasn't fun but I think it gave us a firm foundation for our relationship and it forced us to communicate about everything. Robert is the man I prayed and journaled about for years.. God was faithful :)”

“It's been so fun planning everything!! I didn't feel stressed until the last few weeks then all the emotions started to hit me! One thing I've been doing is just embracing all the feelings and emotions that come along with this season. I'll be moving away from family, friends and a place a love but starting a new adventure with someone I love.. there's so many mixed emotions that are accompanying this journey but I want to embrace it all!” - Hannah


FLOWERS: Ozark Mountain Flower Truck (Hannah’s Bouquet)

VENUE: stonegate glass chapel

CAKE: St. George's Donuts

DJ: Russel Willoughby

HAIR: Anna Cederblom

CATERING: Catering Creations



GROOMS SUIT: Combat Gent

Coordinator: Kathy Gash