Brooke and Than’s Greenhouse Two Rivers winter wedding was the definition of intimacy, beauty, and authenticity. Every part of the day was not only filled with their journey, but emotion and support. Although they didn’t have a small, intimate wedding, it was one of the most intimate feeling weddings I’ve been to. All of their family has supported and walked with them the last 5 years and it all lead up to a Christmas Eve Eve wedding surrounded by those supporting friends and family. Not to mention the details of all the thoughtful gifts, party favors, and greenery.

“Over 4 1/2 years ago we met on a soccer field. Than’s dad, Eric, is my sister’s soccer coach (if that makes sense). For months, Eric had been trying to set us up. He told us that he just KNEW we would get along and that he had a good feeling about it. Neither of us thought much of it because neither were looking to date at the time. I was a junior in high school focusing on soccer & my future college plans. Nathaniel had just got back Spain right before we met and was planning on returning as soon as he could. However, one night my sister, Hannah, called me. She told me that Than was at practice and that I needed to pretend to come “pick her up from practice” so it seemed casual. But really it was all just a way for us to finally meet. After months of both our families trying, I finally agreed (although I was still not expecting anything to come from it). I had just got done with my own soccer practice so I was tired, sweaty, and a little bit cranky (just being honest). I figured that if he didn’t like me like that then he could hit the road. ;)

Once i arrived, I could feel the eyes of every player on me. Nathaniel remembers instantly getting nervous not just because of the pretty girl walking toward him, but his dad’s smirk out of his peripheral vision. However, we both remember how quickly the nervousness and awkwardness faded as soon as we hugged and started conversation. It flowed so easily and it was as if we had known each other for years. After saying goodbye, I remember thinking how surprised I was that I felt genuinely interested in him. Than remembers just wanting to instantly message me to hang out soon but waited a few hours to make me play a small waiting game (hahaha). We hung out that very next day.

From there, it was unwavering. There was a never a time when we didn’t want to be with each other. The first date quickly turned into the first kiss (which was one the second date. Nathaniel says that he wished he would have kissed me on the first date). In a few short weeks, we were officially meeting all the family. Like I said before, our relationship always felt so solid to me that I could never see it ending. It was scary because I was so young but we grew together. In fact, we’ve grown together so much that I feel like we grew intertwined in each other. We helped each other grow and when one person did, the other person did in a different way. The result is a genuiness that can’t be put into words. We both care so deeply not just for each other, but for anything/anyone we love. We both agree that we changed each other without ever actually trying to change. For example, I learned to grow thicker skin because of Than’s consistent jokes, teasing, and sarcasm. Than has learned to be more tune with his own emotions (and other people’s). We’ve both helped each other grow in our faith which has resulted in us getting baptized together & praying together every single day.

We balance each other out in every single way possible and we both couldn’t even imagine what we would do without each other. In general, we both agree that neither one of us have to do, say, or be anything in particular in order of us to love that person. We just have to be. Although there are trials & tough times, we mold together so perfectly that nothing feels like too much. There has to be something in that kind of love that points to the Devine.”

Brooke and Than, I love you both to pieces and I’m thankful you allowed me to witness your love! From Than being so excited to see Brooke, to the way he hugged her and cried during their first look, it was absolutely emotional and breathtaking. Congrats!



“Don’t sweat the small stuff. Things won’t go as planned and you’re gonna stressed. But just remember: all that matters is that you marry the person you love at the end of the day and that people you love get to witness that. Everything else is just extra and if it works, great. If not, oh well. Book everything early in advance if you have that option! It really does take away some stress.”


VENUE: Greenhouse Two Rivers

FLORIST: Jonathan Raugh

HAIR & Makeup: Gloss Hair and Makeup

DJ: Elevate Entertainment (Josh)

WEDDING DRESS: The Ultimate Bride (St. Louis)



JEWELRY/RINGS: Francesca’s

GROOM’S SUIT & SHOES: Men’s Suit Mart


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