I was tagged in Nii’s Facebook post asking for wedding photographer suggestions over the summer. After clicking on the notification, I’m pretty sure there was like a thousand comments, which to be completely honest, was completely terrifying. There were so many extremely talented people on that feed. After meeting with Nii and Rachel and learning about their passions and journey, I realized why there were so many people eager to help. I have never met two people who make every person they come in contact with feel so beyond special and loved. The way they care for others and center everything they do around the Lord completely amazes me, and I know you’ll be able to see that through these photos.

“Rachel and I met at Missouri State Chi Alpha in 2014, but we didn’t become friends until August of 2016, which just so happened to be the month I was moving to Indianapolis (worst timing EVER). I started working with Rachel (from Indy) at the organization Rachel worked for. From August to March, any time we talked, it was strictly work related. In fact, Rachel would make up excuses to not talk to me about anything other than work for the longest time— but, eventually, she warmed up to me and our work calls became 30 minutes work, 2 hours talking about our lives. Serendipitously, in May 2017, Rachel's best friend married my little brother. I had a couple of cousins who were like, "oooh who's that girl??” at the wedding and I instantly got jealous and defensive, although I had no idea why (I didn't even know I liked her at the time). After that weekend, we talked (okay texted) every day, but because we were in 2 different cities, we never hung out until we were both at a conference in California for work. At the conference, Rachel came up to me and was like, "I like you. What are you going to do about it?" And the rest is history... Well, it may have taken me a month (or 2 *cough cough*) to own up to my feelings. All that being said, once we finally started dating, it became evident that this was it and we would spend our lives together.

This year has definitely had its challenges. Our entire relationship and engagement has been long distance, something we wouldn’t trade for anything, despite how difficult it was. We see the world so differently, but we value our dynamic and cover each other’s weaknesses. Nii makes Rachel feel secure in her strength and Rachel brings order to Nii’s crazy life. More than anything, it is clear that the Lord brought us together in His perfect timing and we cannot wait to take on the world together.”

I’m going to be completely honest, when you asked me to photograph your wedding, I didn’t realize at the time how much of an impact you’d have in my life. Through long distance planning and all the challenges that comes with that, you fully trusted the Lords plan. That not only impacts your life, but shows the people around you about what it means to have a trusting relationship with the Lord. Thank you for all the fun outings, for taking the time to know me, and for trusting me with your story. And Nii, thank you for being so involved! Every guy needs to take advice from you. Love you both to pieces! And you know I’m jumping in my van and coming to see you asap ;)



Rachel- “Make a bunch of lists! Also, decide which parts of your wedding that are the most important to you/the things you are okay with splurging on and knock those things out first.”

Nii- “Guys, don't listen to people when they say that the bride plans it all and you'll do nothing. Take ownership of the planning too!”


VENUE: Old Towne Event Center

FLORIST: The Thicket

Cake: Amy Cakes

Catering: Angie Smith Catering

HAIR & MAKEUP: Sarah Scoville

DJ: Epic Sounds STL DJs (Garrett Hill)




GROOM’S SUIT & SHOES: The Groomsman Suit

Kyndal Hawkins