Michaella and Matthew’s winter greenhouse wedding was laid back and full of tears and laughter. I’ve genuinely never met two people more ready to get married, so much so that they planned their whole wedding in two months. You could tell that when they looked at each other they fully understood how the other was feeling. And they surrounded their close friends and family with so much joy and thankfulness throughout the day.

"Matt and I actually met online! On our first date, we had some hot drinks at Travelers' House Coffee and Tea, browsed around a used bookstore, and took a walk around Nathaniel Greene Park. It was slightly chilly day in late November. I remember being so nervous that I spilled my tea. Our first few conversations consisted of the usual back and forth getting to know someone questions. They were slightly awkward, but in a charming way. I knew there was something special about Matt from the beginning. It seems like everyday I get to see new parts of his compassionate and gentle heart, but I knew those characteristics were present even from the start; I could see the kindness in his eyes. From that day on, the more time we spent together, the more we found out we had in common, from our faith and passions to some of our hobbies and interests. Matt is truly one of the greatest gifts I've been given in this life." -Michaella

"We met on an online dating site, and I was fairly certain that she had made a mistake when she swiped right on my profile because she was way too beautiful to swipe right on a profile like mine. Then when she messaged me, I was pretty sure that she had made a mistake, but I thought I'd go with it. I thought, "Maybe she likes the beard. Maybe she reads books too. Maybe she's legally blind." After we went on our first few dates, I felt something I had never felt before with any other person, which was that our friendship was developing very rapidly. Not only was this girl absolutely beautiful and interesting, she was a pleasure to spend time with, and I knew that she was somebody I could lean on. About a month into our relationship, I knew that I loved her, but I suppressed this feeling because I thought, "Surely I can't know that at this point." I decided to tell her anyway, and she felt the same way. One of my favorite memories will always be the first time we held hands, because if I had to pick one of the best moments in my entire life, that would be one of them." - Matt

I hope to find a love like you both have someday! One where a look at each other and a random burst of laughter makes the rest of the world fade away. I’m so thankful to have witnessed your love!



"Practically speaking, I would tell anyone planning a wedding that they should definitely hire someone to coordinate their wedding on the day of, a point person that people can go to instead of the bride, her mom, or the maid of honor so that they can all enjoy the day with the least amount of stress. I would also tell them that it goes by really fast and that they should cherish planning this event together even though it's stressful at times. It can honestly be pretty fun planning an event that is a reflection of your relationship with your soon-to-be spouse." -Michaella

"Just elope, dammit!" -Matt


Venue: Greenhouse Two Rivers

Flowers: Queen City Blooms

Cake: Megan Jenkins

Hair + Makeup: Kenzie Powderly

Catering: Simply Delicious

Wedding Dress: Norman's Bridal

Rings: Brilliant Earth

Coordinator: Lindsey Callery