I met Carly at a workshop back in February. She had gotten engaged in Paris the week right before that, so needless to say, that caught my attention! Carly and Michael met in high school I believe, and reconnected in college when he was looking for people to support him on his upcoming trip to Africa. They knew it would be difficult to do a long distance relationship… in this case, a long long distance relationship, but they hopefully decided to give it a try! Michael ended up leaving soon after that, meaning he was living in another country for almost their entire relationship. (The strength of this couple man…) She ended up going with his parents on a trip to Paris to visit him while he had some time off and he PROPOSED! The best part is that he had the engagement ring for about 6 months already, and it had only been about 9 months since they started dating. These two knew pretty early on that they wanted to spend forever together.

Carly came back to the states and started preparing for the wedding. Michael then got a group of her friends together and surprised her by coming back from Africa a week earlier than planned! They spent the next couple months spending time together in the same state before the wedding.

They have put so much effort into their relationship with not only each other, but with me as the photographer! From the moment we started working together and building a relationship, they were 100% themselves and totally comfortable which is a huge blessing to me! When Michael got back, they even took me on a date and invited me to get Mexican food and go put putting with them! Third wheeling has never been so fun. ;) Getting to know who they are as individuals and a couple has reminded me how important my job is. If that wasn't enough, our last meeting ended up being at Braums. All that to say… I’ve had so much fun with this special couple!

The wedding day was actually supposed to be rainy but sure enough, the sun shined the whole time! The reception at Mighty Oak Lodge was gorgeous, and full of so many special moments. I am so beyond grateful to have been their photographer, but most of all, their friend! They were so willing to take down that client-vendor barrier and invited me into their lives, not just their day! If you made it this far, thanks so much for taking the time to read and scroll! ENJOY~