Holly and I chatted over email for a long while about her and John’s dreams for their wedding day. They were going back and forth between a big wedding or an intimate one, location, design, date. And after FaceTiming for the first time and hearing her heart, I knew this would be a very special day. Holly and John ultimately decided on an intimate wedding. They wanted to be surrounded by all the people who have loved and cared for them over the years. But because Holly has such a huge heart, she wanted to include everyone in a bigger celebration later that evening. I had told Holly months prior that St. Charles was my favorite little city, the charm, the people, and Grandma’s Cookie Shop. She texted me the day before the wedding while I was at Lowe’s getting wood for my van and asked what my favorite cookie from Grandmas was, and I’m pretty sure I almost cried in front of a bunch of grown men. Not only have Holly and I become great friends through this process, but I’ve gotten to see such a loving and thoughtful side of her. I’ll let their day and their love story speak for itself.

“John & I met on Tinder... he messaged me on 2/18/17 but I didn't see it or respond until 2/21/17. Those 3 days have become an inside joke with us and my best friend Emily, like "oh maybe we would be getting married 3 days sooner," we take funny little jabs like that at each other all the time. I knew from day one he was the ONE... and to be truthful, I am that girl who thought everyone was "the one" for a while. It is true that when you stop looking for/chasing love, it will find you. It's 100% true.

We met-met for the first time in Columbia, MO where John was interning. I surprised him with Girl Scout Cookies because we like the exact same kinds and we spent the whole day together. He took me to his favorite Chinese place and we watched Netflix on his desktop computer because he didn't have an actual TV. I didn't want to leave at all, but it's ok because the minute I left his apartment, I had texts from John saying how much fun he had and that he liked me and couldn't wait to see me again. We were absolutely inseparable after that day. We texted ALL day every day, FaceTimed or talked on the phone every night, and I was driving to CoMo multiple times per week and John came home most weekends while he was still interning at Mizzou. I had a "good morning" text every day and never needed a "good night" because we would fall asleep on the phone together. John is absolutely everything I ever wanted AND MORE. He surpasses every standard or expectation I ever had for my future boyfriend, fiancé, and husband. He makes my dreams comes true EVERY day, no matter how small or large the dream is. He is everything."

I am lucky enough to know the feeling is mutual... and hey, here we are now getting married on our 2-year anniversary.”

Holly + John,

I’m so thankful to be your photographer and friend. You both made me feel so included and loved throughout your day, which is something that I’ll remember forever. I’m thankful I could experience your heartfelt vows, tears of excitement, and your caring families. Love you both to pieces!



“Remember why you are doing it. Remember why you are getting married. Prioritize everything. Follow your heart.” - Holly


Venue: The Love Nest

Flowers: Petals and Bells

Cake: Sarah's Cake Shop

DJ: Complete Weddings & Events

Hair + Makeup: Brandi Patton

Catering: All Occasions

Wedding Dress: Lukas Roe Studio

Invitations: Cards by Flora

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