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It was my first time at Venue on Brick on the Ozark square and boy was it magical! Kristen and Kyle planned an intimate and whimsical day for their closest friends and family.

“After a year of unsuccessful online dating, Kristen received a message from Kyle via Match.com. They messaged for a bit, then moved to text and phone calls. Kyle asked Kristen out on a date but unfortunately due to scheduling, we had to wait three weeks. Kyle planned a thoughtful and elaborate first date. To keep Kristen guessing and to pass the time leading up the day, he gave her riddles. Kristen hated not knowing the plans but loved knowing Kyle was a planner. On May 2, 2015, around 10am they met for the first time in the Jose Pepper's parking lot. Kristen was full of nerves and Kyle was calm, cool and collected. Their first stop was Union Station to explore Science City. Kyle mastered the space shuttle landing exhibit. Kristen failed three times and continued pulling weight in the awkward department. All the exploring led them to head to lunch at Oklahoma Joe's (now known as Kansas City Joe's) for some delicious BBQ. Kyle specifically picked this based off him knowing BBQ and this venue is a favorite of Kristen's. Kristen loosed up a bit and got more chatty. After not realizing the time, Kyle mentioned we should get going. Kristen realized her riddle guess was correct when they arrived to Kauffman stadium for a Royal's game. After getting to their seats and enjoying the game for a bit we walked around. We talked more and had a great time. The game had ended and in the busy crowd, Kyle reached for Kristen's hand so we wouldn't get separated. We got back in the car and the traffic wasn't a worry as that allowed for extra time to talk. This was only the beginning!

On June 2, 2018 Kristen thought her and Kyle were going to Smithville Lake for Kyle's friends' sons' birthday. Kyle said it was a good idea to bring Zoey. In true Kyle fashion, we left earlier than necessary. They reached a trail head and walked towards the pavilion. Kristen noticed Kyle was on his phone texting, which is extremely uncharacteristic. He was also mentioning how it was such a nice day and that they should just take their time making their way. Kristen was not aware at the time, that this was Kyle coordinating with both of our parents to ensure they were in the right spot. As we got closer, Kyle noticed Kristen's dad in the distance and was worried Kristen would see this as well. Kristen and Zoey were just ahead and in a cracked voice, Kyle said "You know who that is up there?" While Kyle proceeded to get down on one knee saying "Are you ready for this? Will you marry me?" Kristen was shocked and the answer was an obvious "YES!" She still didn't realize that both her parents and Kyle's parents were who he was referring to earlier. Kyle knew it was important to Kristen that her parents be available shortly after to celebrate with and that having Zoey involved was requested. Kyle, Kristen and Zoey walked up the hill to join their parents who saw the whole thing play out from a distance. The group then enjoyed a celebratory lunch at Jose Pepper's; the same location where Kyle and Kristen first met.”

Kristen + Kyle, Thank you for the KC adventure with your sweet pup Zoey! For a peaceful and beautiful celebration of your love. And for allowing me to be there to capture it all!



“What you want is what you want! If you want a certain vendor or to do something a new way, do it! Just because 'normal' weddings you've been apart of or been to don't have what you want doesn't make your idea weird. Your ideas will personalize your wedding and bring your own touch but you don't have to have something unique at every turn.” - Kristen


Venue: Venue On Brick

Flowers: Hazel's Flowers

Cake: Cake Worthy

Hair: Diamond's & Do's

Makeup: Addie Williams

Catering: Venue on Brick

Wedding Dress: Gracie's Bridal

Rings: Meirerotto Jewelers

Invitations: Zazzle